FANTAstic Anniversary (Free Printable)

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FANTAstic Anniversary Idea + Free PrintableLast Wednesday night, I was working on my blog when my husband walked in the room. He came and stood behind me, and it made me completely nervous. I get so flustered when somebody is watching me do stuff on the computer. He asked me nonchalantly what I was doing. I defensively answered, “Stuff for the blog! Even if it might not look like it has anything to do with the blog, it does!” He started laughing and then sat down on our bed. Then he pulled out something and soon enough I heard my own voice! He had just recorded my rant that sounded more like I was completely guilty of something!

Then he said, “Happy Anniversary!”

You see, the week before that I had mentioned to him that I wished I had a voice recorder so when an idea comes to my mind, I can just say it. I was so tired of having ideas and not being able to write them out as soon as they came to mind. I can’t just run to the computer to type out my ideas every time that happens.

I was excited that he got me the recorder, but, at the same time, I HAD to get that voice recording erased right away! I HATE listening to my voice play back (the voice that I hear in my head is so much better), so I had to get that recorder from him! He kept moving it from hand to hand and out of my reach, but I finally got it from him and erased it. (THIS* is the recorder he got me. I love it!)

It was an absolute surprise from my husband since he usually waits until the day of the birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc. to buy something for me. Our anniversary was still 3 days away, but he said that I needed the recorder and that’s why he got it earlier. How sweet!

You are going to love what I did for him for our 6th wedding anniversary this year.

My husband loves drinking Fanta. In Argentina, though, the popular brand of this tasty orange soda is Crush (which they uniquely call Croosh). For my anniversary gift, however, the Fanta worked perfectly. I personally think Crush and Fanta taste exactly the same.

I bought six 2-liter bottles of Fanta for my FANTAstic Anniversary idea!

FANTAstic Anniversary Free PrintableThen, I printed out these little tags, each with the year on them. There are six in total for the number of years we have been married.

I wrote on the back of each tag one thing that happened that year that was a big deal, especially for both of us. For example, in our 4th year, I wrote on the back: We got pregnant with our first baby! She was expected to arrive on July 28th!

FANTAstic Anniversary Free PrintableYou can do it, too, if your husband loves Fanta and it’s your 6th anniversary (or anything less than 6, too). All you need is a hole punch* (not the one I used, but a good alternative), scissors, and some ribbon* (again, I used a different kind, but this one has lots of ribbon and great reviews).

FANTAstic Anniversary Idea + Free PrintableYou just cut some ribbon for each tag, tie it around each Fanta bottle, and place them all in the fridge for the best part: the SURPRISE!

FANTAstic Anniversary Idea + Free PrintableI gave my husband the piece of paper that says: “We’ve Had a FANTAstic Six Years Together!” He read it and didn’t get it right away, but then I pointed out to him the word ‘Fantastic’ and he asked me where the Fanta was!

In case you are wondering, this project cost me a total of: $7.88 + tax: Fanta – $1 a piece; printable (printed at Staples on cardstock) – $.98; ribbon ($1.97 divided by 3, because I didn’t use it all) – $.66; scissors ($1.88 divided by 50 since I’ll definitely be using these more) – $.04; hole punch ($2 divided by 10 since I know I’ll use it on more than just this project) – $.20. I want to share with you the cost of my projects so you can get an idea of how much it might cost you.

If you’re married or dating, how many years have you been together, and what are your plans for the next anniversary? Please comment! I’d love to hear from you!

I found the idea for this anniversary gift on The Dating Divas. The original idea can be found here.

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  • Alli

    How very sweet! I grew up drinking orange crush! Pinning!

    • CharleeAnne

      I don’t even remember drinking crush or fanta when I was younger! I think my husband introduced me to it. Thanks for the pin!


    Your husband sounds awesome…recording you then playing it back and saying happy anniversary. haha This is a great idea. Our anniversary is coming up and we don’t have much planned. We are going to a wedding, so we’ll have our memory come back to us, but I’m going to give him a FANTAstic Anniversary!!!

    • CharleeAnne

      He really knows how to push my buttons! :) Have a great time at the wedding! I hope he loves it!

  • Amanda @ The Kolb Corner

    I have to say a voice recorder would be an awesome gift. Like you, I am always coming up with an idea, a phrase, or just something random to start a blog topic about, but by the time I am home or where I can actually write it down, I’ve forgotten it :/ I have started carrying around a notebook with me though, and I use the Notes app on my iPhone a lot!
    I also love this cute idea. I love making gifts from scratch so they can be more personal and unique. Definitely pinning this!

    • CharleeAnne

      It’s just awful when an idea slips away, isn’t it?
      Thanks so much for pinning! I am glad you came to visit!

  • chels

    Hahahahaha- love the project breakdown sis! I’ve never been too sentimental about our anniversary even after 13 years! Maybe I should plan ahead to score a touchdown next March! Happy late late Anniversary to you and Ces!

    • CharleeAnne

      Before we had kids, our anniversary used to be way more important. But now, for the last 2 years, we have done less and less!

      I have lots of ideas for anniversaries on Pinterest! I’ll remind you in February to check them out, and then Trev will be thrilled!

  • Jenna @ A Savory Feast

    What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing with Hump Day Happenings.

    • CharleeAnne

      Thanks so much, Jenna! I appreciate you stopping by! Registered & Protected